Hello There


My name is Mpoomy Ledwaba and I am the founder of Wisdom & Wellness

What I love: God, my family, sunday kos, a good pair of sneakers, books & gym.

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, or who I could become, but I knew how I wanted my life to feel.

My life work is to help individuals take care of their mind, body and spirit. Every part of the Wisdom & Wellness business is designed to help individuals navigate all aspects of their wellness.

Wisdom & Wellness was born while I was dealing with Post Partum Depression. Never did I imagine, that sharing the experience of this dance with this darkness, would lead to the healing of thousands. Our community is a movement of love; it represents something bigger than myself, instilling faith and wisdom in each other, so we can all be holistically well. This movement has grown over the years and we now host events, host a top Podcast in South Africa, have courses and an incredible membership program.